More than 99% reduction in Bearing currents.

Bearing Fluting Specialists

Low impedance path for High Frequency Current is critical to solving Bearing Current Issues.

Grounding and High Frequency Current Filtering at the source is the only long term solution.

Stop Bearing Currents at the Source.

Many Variable Speed Drive emit High Frequency Current, which ultimately degrade Bearings, Motor Insulation and cause Lubrication breakdown.
Motor Insulation

Stop the Bearing Currents at the Source

Effective grounding is the first step, then mop up the remaining emissions with EMF Cores. They're a permanent solution that don't wear out of fail.Note: This method stops the High Frequency Current at the source, protecting Motor Insulation.
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Bearing Fluting Damage Suppressed

Bearing Fluting damage is caused by VFD (VSD) drive emissions which can be effectively suppressed by the use of EMF Cores.

It is essential that proper grounding of the Motor is verified back to the Drive and beyond to the Star point of the transformer. Without this verified grounding the High Frequency Currents don't have a low impedance path to the MEN (Multiple Earth Neutral) and the attack will continue.

EMF Cores stop the attack at the source and will not wear our. They protect the Motor Insulation which Insulated Bearing, and Brushes don't.
Stopping the emissions at the source stops radiated EMF, and cross talk between cables in the same tray.

3Phi Reliability stocks these EMF Cores and can advise on fitting procedure

EMF Cores Filter Emissions from 20kHz Upwards. Power and Communications unaffected.

The Impedance of EMF Cores consume High Frequency Current emitted from VFD (VSD) drives. The nano crystalline magnetic material is many times more effective than ferrite cores.
Stop the Attack at the Source and protect Motor Insulation, Lubrication, and Bearings.

Stop Bearing Fluting at the Source

Verify the grounding of your Inverter is effective, then fit EMF Nano Crystalline Cores.  Stop the ATTACK AT THE SOURCE.   Cost effective, Easy to Install and Never Wears Out.

This example took EMF Counts at the Motor to ZERO.
EMF Cores
Cost effective 99.2% reduction in drive emissions.
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