Returning Electric Motor Reliability & Energy Savings

Electrical  Preventative Maintenance

Motor Circuit Analysis

Using Motor Circuit Analysis a part of your Electrical Preventative Maintenance Program will Gain Motor Reliability & Return Energy Savings.
Find detects hidden from view (Motor Terminals, Isolators, and Cables).

Motor Termination

This simple improvement will improve electric motor reliability and eliminate resistive losses, saving energy on every motor.

Bearing Currents

Verified Grounding of Motors and Installation of EMF Cores eliminate Bearing Currents.These currents not only decay bearings but also Motor Insulation and Blacken Lubrication.STOP THE ATTACK AT THE SOURCE

Inverter Reflective Voltages

Cable Length and characteristics often setup a standing wave between the Inverter and the Motor. These voltage overshoots can degrade cable causing flash overs.

Circulating Bearing Currents

Bearing Fluting can be caused by magnetic imbalances in the motor, called asymmetry. One solution is a single insulated bearing to cut the circuit but the cause is the Motor. 3Phi Reliability recommend Acceptance Testing when purchasing Motors.

Impedance Imbalance is Critical

A motor is required to be Magnetically Balanced for it to do it's job. Any Imbalance produces losses often seen in Vibration Analysis as 2 times Line Frequency 100hz (120 hz). Acceptance Testing of Motors is easy and you will Gain Motor Reliability and Return Energy Savings.

Best Practice Motor Management

Four Elements make up Best Practice Motor Management. Motor Audit, Health Assessments, Management Processes, and Asset Strategies.
Proven Strategy to Lower the total cost of ownership.

Impedance Imbalance

Reliability Professionals Balance assets to stop Vibration and damage, but Motors also need to be Magnetically Balanced. Just because you can't see electricity doesn't mean its still there. Magnetic imbalance stresses the winding and looses efficiency, often seen as twice line frequency vibration.

Electric Motor Testing

Simple 3 Minute test will tell you the Motor Circuit Health. Terminations, Cable, Isolator and Motor.

Ultrasound for Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Quick, Cost Effective Method for Electrical Preventative Maintenance.
Combing Ultrasound with Thermography is your first line of defense.
Contact Us to add this to your Asset Strategy.

Circuit Breaker Resistances

Conducting Earth Loop Impedance Testing ensures your Circuit Breakers are going to operate in the Magnetic Zone. That means they trip in a dead short.  This is a personnel and fire risk.

How Electric Motors Work (Twice Line Frequency Source)

This video explains with an easy to understand animation How Induction Motors Work. These fundamentals provide the learning's to Motor Circuit Analysis. Ranking Twice Line Frequency of your assets is a good strategy to target Electrical Preventative Maintenance. Mark Gurney has been a content writer and recommends Mobius Institute