Optimal Lubrication

 Best Practice Lubrication

Listen to your Bearings & Measure the Friction And Give the Right Amount, at the Right Time, with the Right Grease.  
Get into Control with your Basic Care.

Missed Lubrication, Over Lubrication, Under Lubrication leads to bearing failure.

Approximately half of motor failures are bearing related, and lubrication is a leading cause of those failures.The calculated time intervals for lubrication is dependent on a large list of factors, including temperature, speed, running hours, etc which vary significantly.Replenishing grease to amount the bearing needs to minimizes friction, gains control, saves energy, and stops premature bearing failure.
Listening to the bearing during lubrication increases UpTime, Stops costly failures, so your maintenance team is safer and less stressed.Gain Control, minimize the gut feel, and Optimise your Lubrication.
Your Lubrication technician is Your First Line of Defense. That is so important in Best Practice Motor Management.

LubExpert -Best Practice Lubrication

Get the most out of your LUBExpert Solution with the LUBExpert Implementation Master Class.  Meet Haris a wonderful Trainer explains in detail with Hands On approach how Optimal Lubrication can be achieved.

LubExpert Training

UAS3 Training
 – LUBExpert Settings: 00:30
 – Introduction 01:23
 – Populating Lubricants and Grease guns database 03:33 
– Creating Lubrication point 03:48 
– Lubrication point measurement settings 15:47 
– Transferring data from PC LUBExpert 16:28 
– Basic use of LUBExpert 
– Collecting data and replenishing grease 23:15 
– Transfer data from LUBExpert to PC 23:43 
– LUBExpert data overview in UAS3 29:50 
– Assigning alarms to Lubrication point 32:38 
– Basic use of LUBExpert – With alarms assigned 36:10 
– LUBExpert data overview in UAS3 
– With alarms assigned 42:40 
– Lubrication reports

3Phi Reliability Optimal Lubrication

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