Gain  Motor Reliability & Return Energy Savings.

Electrical Planned Preventative Maintenance PPM is important, as it maintains Motor Reliability and Returns Energy Savings through Motor Efficiency Gains.
3Phi Reliability provides independent unbiased Electrical Reliability Services in Electric Motor testing that are sustainable by transferring skills
that are Best Practices.
Implement Proven FMECA Maintenance Checklists, Stop Reactive Maintenance and Improve your Electrical Maintenance Management, Motor Reliability & OEE.
Bearing Fluting, Bearing Current Specialists

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Implement Planned Electrical Maintenance
our staff implementing electrical maintenance

Electrical Predictive Program
& Electric Motor Maintenance Checklists

3Phi Reliability provide  Electrical Preventative Maintenance Plan, Schedules that are well proven. Motor Health Assessments exceed IEEE standards for inspections and testing.
In many countries Electrical Regulations require industry to Inspect annually and conduct testing on a three year schedule.
Is Electrical Testing a Legal Requirement? Yes and it is essential.
These regulations are designed to ensure asset & personnel safety and have benefits of greatly reducing Insurance Risk, and returning Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards in Electric Motors.
3Phi Reliability are Specialists in solving Bearing fluting defects.

Active Member of EASA

3Phi Reliability is an Active Member of EASA, this allows significant technical & Network support for servicing our clients.
Electrical Predictive Programme spreadsheet
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Why Impedance Imbalance is so Important to Electric Motors


Best Practice Motor Management

Elimination of Motor Failures is very achievable by following four proven elements.
Motor Audits
Health Assessments
Management Processes
Asset Strategies

Electrical Preventative Maintenance

3Phi Reliability implement Best Practice Electric Motor Management, providing Motor Audits, Predictive Health Assessments, Asset Strategies (Electrical & Mechanical), and Management Processes.

Motor Audits & Health Assessments

Utilise our mobile data collection app to collect motor details, along with Motor Circuit Analysis results and integrate to your CMMS. Identify common failure modes FMECA  that lead to failures.
Analyse a motor circuit  within minutes.

Asset Strategies

Proven Electrical & Mechanical Asset Strategies for Electric Motors to lower the Total Cost of Ownership. Sustainable Skills Transfer that will bring you to Best Practice Reliability.
Motor management processes in progress

Management Processes

Purchase & Overhaul specifications, along with Acceptance testing, Storage/Identification, and Installation practices greatly improve reliability & response time. Specifying an impedance imbalance will save energy, and improve reliability.
Electric motor tester
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Why Test Electric Motors -All Test Pro

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 Information about Denergised Motor Circuit Analysis


Why Choose 3Phi Reliability, Motor Reliability Specialists?
3Phi Reliability are independent of Motor Suppliers.

Proven Strategies in Electric Motor Management provide exceptional Returns. Every recommended strategy has been implemented across many sites from decades of experience in Reliability Management. Some sites have reduced electric motor failures by more than 90% by implementing a Purchase & Overhaul Specification, Acceptance Testing, conducting a motor health assessment, and good termination practices.

These sites cut bearing spend in half, and the total cost of ownership significally reduced.

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