Electric Motor Testing & Bearing Fluting Solutions.

3Phi Mission Statement

3Phi Reliability "Kick Start your Electrical Planned Preventative Maintenance" to gain Availability & Energy conversation. Ensuring Electrical Systems are Safe, at the Lowest Cost of Ownership.

Vision Statement

3Phi Reliability is the Go To specialist for "Best Practice Motor Management", implementing Proven Asset Strategies.
Values: Imaginative, Innovative, Intelligent

3Phi Reliability, Best Practice Motor Management Program

We have brought together decades of experience in Electric Motor Testing
We have four main areas of Electric Motor Management, a motor audit identifies the assets on site or multisite, a health assesement giving the current reliability status, Asset Strategies for Maintenance & Reliability lowest cost of ownership, and Management Practices ensuring what is purchased and overhauled is fit for use. Spares correctly identified, stored and acceptance tested minimsing response time.   A motor management programme will improve reliability along with significant savings in costly breakdowns, energy savings, and overhaul costs.
3Phi Reliability are specialists in solving Bearing fluting defects.

3Phi Reliability, Electrical Maintenance Engineer

Mark Gurney, Gerant (Manager) is a Professional Electrical Maintenance Engineer with more 25 years experience in Reliability and Managing Multisite Maintenance Teams. He is passionate in use of predictive technologies in Maintenance to lower the total cost of ownership.
This experience in both mechanical & electrical extends to running a mature Vibration Analysis, and Motor Circuit Analysis programmes and personally conducting many thousands of  Electric motor tests

B Technology (Manufacturing)  Massey University New Zealand
Post Graduate Diploma in Management Deakin University Australia
L1 Motor Circuit Analysis BJM corp (All Test Pro)
Code of Practice for Safe Electrical Work, RMIT University, Australia
Environmental Auditor ISO 14000
Root Cause Analysis