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Financial Justification of Motor Replacement

Financial Justification of Motor Replacement

Saturday, August 13, 2022

How to justify a motor replacement

My Motor has been running for years why should I do anything about it? It may very well be costing you lots of money. Some motors are inherently inefficient from New, or the Installation has been sub optimal.

Conduct a Motor Test and Calculate what the inefficiency is, then with the help of the 3Phi Energy Calculator create a financial justification within minutes.

This example of a 45kW Motor within Impedance Imbalance of 10% has a Payback in under One Year.

Impedance Imbalance is directly related to Motor Efficiency

You may wish to add to the justification the Motor Test, showing a Winding defect. Reliability gains through UpTime improvements will almost certainly be a dominant financial driver.

Mark Gurney Holds Environmental Auditor Qualification & Post Grad Management to compliment the Reliability Engineering Skills.

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