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Extraction Fan, 1924 GBP per Annum Energy Savings

Extraction Fan, 1924 GBP per Annum Energy Savings

Monday, December 5, 2022

One Hour of work!!!!!

This Fan Motor drawing between 82 – 88 Amps was measured with the ALL TESTPro MotorGenie with a 26% resistive imbalance in the Isolator.

High Resistance Defect

On Removal of the Insulation Tape the Crimp Quality was found to be Poor.

The As Found resistances for the Circuit

T1-T2 0.08 Ohms

T1-T3 0.05 Ohms

T2-T3 0.06 Ohms

High Resistance Terminations

As Left Resistances across all three phases were 0.00 Ohms, less than 10 milliOhms.

A Hydraulic Crimp tool was used with a correctly selected wide crimp die, with the cable size, Lug Size Matching.

Note: The hydraulic Crimper provides a crisp Hexagon termination that fuses the Copper Cable & Lug in what is called COLD FLOW.

The resultant Termination has very low resistance.

Reterminated and Resistance Verified

The Original Crimp terminations have utilized a rotational die crimper which has a smaller die width and has resulted in a high resistance termination on all six terminations.

3Phi Reliability recommend the use of Hydraulic Crimp Tools as the Quality is more consistent.

Energy Svings Verified

The As Left Test shows the resistances less than 10 milli Ohm on all six terminations.

As Found compared to As Left Vibration Analysis shows a significant difference in twice line Frequency Vibration of the Motor.

Massive 100 hz Vibration Reduction from Resistive Defect

Energy Savings from the Terminations

T1-T2      I^2R loss   578 Watts

T1-T3      I^2R loss    361 Watts

T2-T3     I^2R loss     433 Watts

9620 kWhr Saved per Annum at 80% duty

1924 GBP Energy Savings just the Termination Losses

Note: These Energy Savings only account for the Isolator Resistance Change.

A motor that is supplied with an unbalance Voltage as in this case will run with a higher loss and this energy loss is likely to be far greater than the 1924 GBP per Annum.


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