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Electrical Motor Testing Maintenance

Electrical Motor Testing Maintenance

Gain Reliability & Return Energy Savings.

In this example the "As Found" Resistance test showed a defect from the MCC. When I opened the terminal Box. Look what was found!

Burnt Cable terminations, Bad Crimps, Deformed Crimp Lug, Crimp Lugs the wrong size and Nuts loose (All Bottom Nuts).

The "As Left" resulted in a resistance drop and returned 3500 GBP per annum.

How do you Implement Electrical Preventative Maintenance?

By far the biggest immediate impact you can have is testing for resistance at the Panel (MCC) so the total circuit is measured using a Milli Ohm meter or better. For Motor above 75 kW it is recommended to use a Micro Ohm Meter.

You are looking for Imbalances in resistance above 3%, and for motors 75kW or above the absolute resistance should be no larger than 10 milli Ohm.

Resistances for smaller motors should be no larger than 1.5 Ohms.

Secondly measuring impedance has a limit of 3%, this tells the current flowing in each Phase. Imbalances stress the winding and defects propagate to failure.

These tests should be date & time stamped and attached to your CMMS (Computerized Maintenance System). This is useful for Insurance Risk Audits which also has a financial benefit, often very significant.

Gain Electric Motor Reliability & Return Energy Saving with 3Phi Reliability Best Practice Motor Management.

Most clients make gains on the first day of implementation, as Best Practice Motor Management returns immediate savings.

Once resistive defects have been remedied a Motor Test assessing the Winding health is made. The two methods are fully portable and are Phase Angle & Current Frequency Response. These methods are listed in IEEE 1415:2006 "As effective means of determining Winding condition".

3Phi Reliability then support clients in ranking Motor assets Health with criticality, and spares coverage. This process minimizes risk and lowers the Overall Cost of Ownership. This approach quickly gains control and reactive maintenance is significantly reduced.

These are proven strategies for all facilities.

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Gain Electric Motor Reliability & Return Energy Savings

Most of clients make gains on the every first day of implementation. Best Practice Motor Management has a short Return on Investment, improving Electric Motor Reliability and Energy Savings are immediate.