Motor Circuit  Analyzers / EMF Cores (Bearing Current Elimination) /SDT Ultrasonics / Crysound Ultrasonic Camera

All TestPro 7

The All TestPro7 has two model the standard and the Professional.
The Professional is able to Analyze DC Motors, and Transformers.
Both Instruments provide a Comprehensive Analysis of Motors of all voltages including Stator and Rotor defects.

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All TestPro 34

The All TestPro 34 provides Motor Testing of Low Voltage Motors (<1000V)
Stator & Rotor defects identified within a few minutes.
It's a great tool to support your Electrical Preventative Maintenance.

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All TestPr Motor Genie

This is the entry level Motor Analyzer which has been superceded.
3Phi Reliability have limited Stock.

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All TestPro  On Line

The All TestPro On-Line 111 is an Electrical Signature Analysis instrument for Analyzing Power Quality, and the Entire Motor System.

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Ultrasonic Cameras

Acoustic Cameras for Leak Detection & Electrical Inspections.
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LubExpert SDT

LubExpert is an Ultrasonic On Condition Lubrication tool.
Ensures lubrication is the right type, right amount, when needed.
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SDT 340 Ultrasonic Vibration Analyzer

Using the AIRSense probe on the this instrument makes Electrical Preventative Maintenance so easy. Pin point defects hidden from view, HEAR MORE!

EMF Nano Crystalline Cores

EMF Cores burn High Frequency Bearing Currents leaving Power & Communications unaffected.
A two step implementation of verifying grounding and Installing EMF Cores effectively eliminate Common Mode Bearing Currents.

3Phi Reliability hold many different Sizes for your application.
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SDT Ultrasound for Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Quick, Cost effective Inspection that is your first line of defense.
Detect developing Electrical defects in Circuit Breakers, Terminations, Contactors, Inverters, Isolators, and Motors.
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Motor Genie the perfect tool for trouble shooting
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